Vakko ile yeni sezonda geçmişe yolculuk

Vakko Autumn Winter 2019-2020 Collection


Vakko brings the past to the present with a nostalgic emulation in its Autumn-Winter women's collection. Vakko's retro style, which dominates the women's collection, shows its effect in every season from color to pattern, from line to cut.

Vakko, who created the fashion of the season with its strong style reflection, goes back to the past of fashion in her Autumn-Winter collection prepared for women and portrays a fashion story from past to present. Bringing the dynamics of the day together with a nostalgic warmth, Vakko steps into the change in winter appearance with colors. The warm tones of nature meet with camel, which manifests itself as a distinctive feature throughout the collection.

With his fashion memory, Vakko leads the silhouette in the nostalgic story of the season. The themes in this story differentiate under the influence of season colors.

A pinch of spice …

After many years, the color of camel turned into fashion, this season's favorite. Camel color that makes a claim in itself; it adds harmony to the tones that come together.

It is possible to see a reflection of the flavors in the wide color scale of the sun from yellow to red in Vakko Women's collection. Inspired by the exquisite colors; cinnamon, honey, caramel, coffee, almonds and ‘a pinch of spices’ can be called.

Inspired by the simplicity of nature and the grandeur of stars in the collection; The combination of soil colors with vivid colors results in an extraordinary harmony.

Reflection of the past: intersection of plaid and lines

Plaid autumn, which continues its strong steps in fashion in recent years is an indispensable element of winter. Plaid, line and printing of all colors meet among the most remarkable details of the season. Cowboy style, especially square, plaid, goose leg patterns, suede and leather materials with fringes come to the fore.

The collection, which addresses the dynamic and stylish Vakko woman in each design, offers one of the most ambitious fashion interpretations of the season.

You can see all parts of the collection from our photo gallery.

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