nocturne sonbahar kis 2019

Nocturne 2019 Fall-Winter Collection – Powder


This season, Nocturne rewrites a glorious story with silver and gold glitters, as well as ambitious silhouettes of the 80s and 90s. In addition to the energetic combination of ambitious neons and zebras, fuchsia and orange, the classic harmony of beige and black is also included in the collection.

Patterns like leopard and crowbar, warm textures, season-specific prints and fine workmanship should not be forgotten. The distinctive forms, flashy shoulders and transition games between colors are the assertions of this season.

Flash colors and zebra pattern … Matched but also amazing! Matching neon shades, peanut greens and the sporty combination of zebra pattern meet in comfortable pieces, where tights and sweatshirts are at the forefront, with jacquard fabrics.

The strikingness of the neon tones attracts attention and the sense of naturalness brought by animal patterns balances this pair. Combining tights under the jackets, this current theme is also a reflection of effortless elegance.

Contrary to the usual in this collection, the crowbar matches black and white, not fuchsia and orange, and meets autumn with high-voltage energy.

High-waisted trousers, ambitious shoulder cuts are supported by patent leather, reminiscent of the style codes of the past. The high energy of pink over the whole season dominates this style.

NOCTURNA collections Nisantasi in Turkey, İstinyePark, Vadistanbul Mall of Istanbul, Emaar Square Mall, Venezia Mega Outlet, Land of Legends (Antalya), Ziyapaşa Boulevard (Adana) and Trabzon Forum; You can reach Avenues Mall (Kuwait) and Mall of Qatar (Qatar) abroad as well as online at

If you want to see the prominent models in the Nocturne 2019 autumn winter collection with their prices, you can check out our photo gallery.

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