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Mehtap Elaidi Fall – Winter Collection 2019


The theme of the Moonlight Elaidi Autumn / Winter 2019 collection is regeneration and scaling. Simultaneously renewing its brand identity and website, Mehtap Elaidi presents us with the new Shop Mehtap Elaidi in Nişantaşı Aziziye Palace.

19 years ago on their way to the white shirt, Turkey and abroad takes the place of women in the wardrobe brand, moonlight Elaia was complete with what women look wearing their designs, where goes, what place, what to include, what comes to the way the questions reads like this season.

This woman most müdanasız The brand, which adheres to its title, dreams of a Mehtap Elaidi woman who lives for herself, independent of the judgment of others.

In this season, Mehtap Elaidi always presents handbags, jewelry and accessories for the first time in addition to the ready-made clothing pieces.

ITSMETIME collection is specially designed for the floral pattern, flywheel trousers and asymmetrical cut dresses in the body.

The same pattern is used in a textured and shiny knitwear fabric, while contrasting the hard but soft surfaces of black and beige vegan leathers in the collection.

Mehtap Elaidi shirts, dresses and blouses that we are used to see in white poplinde are also seen in vegan leathers and flecked winter fabrics this season.

White poplin shirts, which do not break the tradition and become the sine qua non of the brand, show themselves in voluminous silhouettes.

Beige, black and white colors that form the basis of the collection of cherry and oil green is added to the collection.

The floral pattern is accompanied by a blue geometric striped pattern, brown and black polka dots.

Inspired by the bow and drape details in the collection, the bags also tell the woman dressed in Mehtap Elaidi from head to toe.

From the floral pattern in the collection, special designs designed for foulards appear in silk and woolen fabrics.

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