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Meet Reebok Aztrek Double and Aztrek 96


Two members of Reebok's iconic Aztrek family, inspired by the 90s, take on a more colorful and vibrant look and fill their eyes with new designs. Rap queen Cardi B Launched in collaboration with Aztrek Double, the 90s spirit of the past, while carrying a breeze from the past with today's sneaker fashion comes to pioneer.

Reebok renewed two members of the iconic Aztrek family inspired by the 90s with more colorful and vibrant designs.

Aztrek Double

Powered by a more bold design, Aztrek Double is reborn with inspiration from Reebok’s innovative and rich past. Aztrek Double, which appeals to retro-loving women, brings a flashy midsole and renewed cross-links to the past and winks to the future.

Aztrek 96

Another revamped model is the Aztrek ‘96, the famous running shoe of the 90s. Aztrek ‘96, which perfectly embodies Reebok's spirit and attitude in the 90s, revealing the “Unexpected,, appears with a braver, more colorful and more dynamic face than its previous design.

Inspired by the rich history of Reebok and updated with today's street aesthetics, the Aztrek ‘96 has angular molds and a logo in the foreground. This updated design meets you as the perfect shoe to stand out from the crowd.

Cardi B

Designed specifically for women, the price of Aztrek Double was 699 TL, while Aztrek ‘96 was offered for sale in Reebok stores and other outlets with a price of TL 599.

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